What Do I Offer 

“If there is one word that makes creative people different from others, it is the word complexity. Creative people tend to bring together the entire range of human possibilities within themselves.”

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (Psychologist) 

Creative humans are complex creatures. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to solving our pain-points. However, over the years, I’ve discovered people begin to wonder if they should be working with a coach for one of the following reasons. Which one rings true for you?

“I Cant See a Way.”

You’re stuck in the dreaming stage. You need clarity and require a creative road map.

If you can’t see how to get from here to there, a creative roadmap will allow you to know your destination and plot your path. We’ll plan the journey and I’ll meet you at the pitstops, helping you stay on track. You’ll be free to experiment as you go. How incredible will it be to feel excited, rather than overwhelmed?
Imagine the places you’ll go and the things you’ll do as you’re pulled along by your vision.
“Let’s begin with the end in mind.”

“I’m not good enough.”

The critical voice in your head is too loud. You need to boost your confidence and silence your inner critics.

We’ve all experienced inner battles but sometimes it feels like there’s no escaping those voices. “You’re not enough!” they say, “You’re an imposter!”, “Do you even know what you’re doing?”.
The sad thing is, they think they’re helping. Protecting you from failure. Fight back, the criticism gets worse. Ignore them, they shout louder. So how can you win? By negotiating. We’ll listen to them, talk to them and reassure them. “I’ve got this!” will be your reply. They’ll relax, the volume goes down and you’ll be back in charge.
“Be yourself. Everybody else is taken.”

“I might not get it right.”

You’re immobilised by fear. You need to find the courage to get over the biggest obstacle in your way, yourself.

There is nothing more frustrating than knowing the only person holding you back is YOU. Let’s get you comfortable with making mistakes. After all, the antidote to fear is action. And action without judgment is play. So let’s play! Who said life had to be so serious anyway?
Learn to be curious, open, and excited. And know that done is better than perfect.
“Let’s fail better and succeed sooner.”

Perhaps you see yourself in more than one of these statements, or perhaps it’s something else that you can’t quite put your finger on.

I have a simple four-step process which will get you where you want to be. I’ll be by your side every step of the way.


We’ll create a working agreement and build a partnership based on trust.

Our plan will have a clear direction with measurable steps and overall goals.

I’ll put everything in place so you can relax, knowing where we’re going.


With tools and coaching, we’ll gain a fresh perspective on who you are. What resources do you have? What are your strengths?

We’ll connect with your wisdom and common sense to find out what you REALLY want.

I’ll listen, support and guide you. I’ll help you to do the same, for yourself.


We’ll start trying and testing. You’ll take action, experiment and learn. As you do you’ll develop self-trust helping you make easier, and healthier, decisions.

I’ll be checking-in, helping you notice every tiny success and change. This is my superpower!


You’ll discover new ways of being, develop the confidence to tackle issues and live a future with no limits.

This is what it’s all about. When we get here I’ll be in my happy place. I want to hear all the amazing things that are happening in your life.

My Packages

I’ve created three packages to suit your needs and budget. These range from a one-off session based around a key area which is holding you back, to a comprehensive 10-session package for big, transformational changes.


1 session on one pain-point.

Imposter syndrome, Boundaries
Finding your voice / Saying no ,What do I like?, People pleasing, Confidence, Or one of your own.


Up to 6 sessions over 3 months.

This is a package to gain clarity and get you moving. It’s time to start being bold!


Up to 10 sessions over 6 months.

This comprehensive package is to create a big change. Great for creating a new direction, finding your purpose or starting over. You’ll also receive one free check-up session up to six months later.

Book Your Discovery Session

If you are ready for big change, to gain clarity and discovery your direction and purpose - book a free 15 minute discovery call with me.