Client Reviews

When coaching creatives I get so much satisfaction from seeing people, and their lives, transform before my eyes. A change that will have a positive effect on them going-forward.
It really is incredible.

Here are some testimonials from clients I’ve had the pleasure to coach
and admire as they’ve grown.

“As I write these lines, three months after I finished my coaching sessions with Karen, I realise that I still use a handful of techniques, tips and tricks that I discovered while working with her. Each session was an absolute breath of fresh air because it brought me closer to who I am.

Thank you, Karen, for your patience, positive energy, the thought-provoking questions that challenged me to look at things differently, as well as all the creativity you infused the sessions with. It was a pleasure to work with you.”

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“Coaching with Karen allowed me a fresh perspective.  She provides clear guidelines for the programme and consistently checks back in, to make sure you are on track. Karen is really invested in her clients’ progress, both professionally and personally, which makes it a really rewarding experience. She is very thoughtful and supportive and made me feel that she was 100% on my side and invested in my future. I had no idea how much we could accomplish in a relatively short time, and how that would then be applicable to wider situations in my life. I would absolutely recommend coaching with Karen to others.”

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“Coaching was an enlightening experience for me. It made me aware of my work, myself and my needs. It doesn’t only highlight your negatives but also your positives. It gave me confidence in my own abilities, and the safety to accept and work on my weaknesses.

It has also given me a great toolbox that I can use to be better and take my career to the next level.

I think it’s a must for anyone who is ambitious and hard-working but needs some direction. You definitely have to be willing to be open and trust the process in order to redeem the full effects. You also have to be ready to accept things you might not like, and try things that push you out of your comfort zone.

I was originally very nervous and didn’t know what to do or expect, but Karen was instantly great at making me feel comfortable and creating a safe space in which I could speak, but also not speak if I didn’t really know what to say. She made each session flow easily but effectively.”

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